Try our pre-sleep relaxation developed just for you

We offer you the possibility to try the relaxation for free, so you know you don’t buy a pig in a poke. We believe that you will find it helpful and buy the whole set of relaxation techniques for immunity boost.

Why should I buy the whole set of relaxation techniques?

Pre-sleep relaxation helps falling asleep. However, the set includes a guided daytime relaxation technique and healing frequencies which are aimed to boost your overall immune system. Practicing relaxation techniques provides you with inner calm, tranquility and it enhances your ability to concentrate, which is essential while working, studying or even reading. The set includes even one more meditation music record. Buying the set will also unlock a section about stress containing a large amount of information about the effects of stress and coping with it. Besides these, we’ve got another exeptional reason .

How it works?

Development of these relaxation techniques was based on the latest findings about the influence of healing frequencies, guided imagery and relaxation techniques on the human body. It is the combination that enhances the positive experience and positively influences our immune system and our body. The relaxation techniques were developed by our team of renowned psychologists, musicians and native speakers.


Something about stress


In articles below we provide you with the information about the effects and symptoms of stress. You can unlock more articles and videos by buying the set of relaxation techniques. Have an enjoyable read!