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No matter who you are, where you come from, whether you are a man or a woman, whether you work or not – stress will affect you. Nevertheless, everyone responds to stress in a slightly different way. That is the reason why this program is designed to suit all af you. If we are able to uncover your weak points, meaning to which type of stress you are most vulnerble, we are also able to overcome them!




Stress is the body’s reaction (mental and physical) to certain conditions that require adjustment. Stress is a way in which a person reacts in order to effectively adjust to inner or outer conditions. The response may be physiological or psychological (behavioral).


Stress is caused by a stressor – a situation, person or object that we percieve as stressful (causing stress), and which subsequently triggers a stress reaction. Stressors are variable, meaning they can be events, objects, or even unpleasant thoughts.


How does stress develop?!

Stress has three sequential stages. Every stage has a different effect on the organism, and can finally lead to a state of exhaustion. We will explain the individual stages...

1In the first stage,

an alarm reaction occurs. The whole body activates immediately and all bodily functions accelerate. No long-term physical changes occur.

2The second stage is called

the adaptation (or resistance) stage, which occurs when stress lasts for a longer period of time. During this stage, the body tends to adjust its metabolism in order to handle stress more effectively. This stage of stress response is mainly expressed by health problems in a certain organ system. (eg digestive problems)

3If stress continues,

the body loses its adaptability and the organism falls into a state of exhaustion. Organ systems or processes which enabled you to cope with stress collapse. This can result in chronic stress-related physical and mental illnesses.


Why is stress such a frequent phenomenon today?

We live in the age of constant change.


Stress is not a bolt out of the blue!

It affects all of us and it has its meaning. Understanding stress and your stress response are factors that enable us to cope with it. Why is stress an instinct and why wouldn’t humanity be able to survive without it?

1The first step to understanding stress

is to explain what instincts are. People have certain natural instintcs, which help them to survive. A newborn turns to his mother‘s breast and sucks it. A small child has a fear of the unknown. Maternal instinct activates when a child cries. All of these behaviors have a great significance for us - their aim is to protect us and future generations. Stress (or fear) is also an instinct and we wouldn’t be able to survive without it.


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